The Brunchers

Michelle Muldoon: Chief Bruncher

Michelle-5WebMichelle Muldoon loves three things in life. She loves to write, she loves to film, and she loves to enjoy a beautifully crafted meal. If integrating your passions is an art, then Michelle is a master of the art. Brunch is easily Michelle’s favourite meal of the day, and the reason why can be summed up in one word, EGGS. She considers eggs to be a food of the Gods and the one item no brunch plate should be without.

Vancouver has a dizzying wealth of great brunch locations, but given a choice, you can find Michelle brunching at Nook in Kitsilano; tasty food, simply prepared and found an easy stumble down the hill from her home. If there was one place Michelle would love to brunch it would be somewhere in the Mediterranean; ancient ruins on the horizon, a fresh array of local ingredients, and a movie mogul across the table begging for her screenplay. Until that day happens, you can find Michelle musing about all things Film and Screenwriting on her blog.

Twitter: @PaisleyMedia2    Instagram: @PaisleyMedia1

Rebecca Coleman: Brunch Blog Boss

10341401_10152005423112471_7662476299215687810_nThere are few things Rebecca loves more in this world that a leisurely brunch with friends on the weekend. However, a few of them include social media, travel, coffee, writing, and her teenage food-critic-in-training, Michael. When not eating brunch, you’ll find her teaching classes at BCIT, writing in coffee shops on her MacBook, or riding her bike around the seawall.

An avid foodie, she writes about food over at Cooking by Laptop, and is also a contributor to Vancity Buzz. She has constantly itchy feet, and is always looking for her next travel destination. She has brunched her way all around the UK, Greece, Australia, and most recently, Mexico. On the top of her “Brunch Bucket List” is Paris.

Rebecca’s favourite brunch spot in the city? “Fable. No. Wait. Forage. No, Fable…”

Twitter: @rebeccacoleman Instagram: @rebeccacoleman

Contributing writers:

Chantal Ireland: Victoria

unnamedThe first encounter Chantal had with food writing was a restaurant review in her local paper when she was 16. It criticized the Mexican restaurant she worked at for having Caesar salad on the menu. Since this classic was first served in Tijuana, she learned the importance of doing research before you put your name on something. And that tacos are pretty much perfect.

Since then her love of place has led to food adventures from Vancouver to Paris and anywhere she has a spare twenty minutes. She once took a taxi from Los Angeles airport to a coffee roaster in Venice Beach for a cappuccino and a chocolate bar on a two hour layover. A home cook and baker, her new obsession with bundt pans and stout cakes is countered with a bicycle.

An Entrepreneur selling craft beer, wine, cider and spirits, we’re excited to have her join the team. She’ll be writing articles from Victoria. She supports values-based businesses and advocates for small food producers. She publishes lists of the best food in Victoria on her website

Twitter: @chantalireland Instagram: @ChantalIreland

Emily Caulfield

PiggyCurrently enrolled in Culinary school at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, Emily also writes a food blog titled The Fat Pigs. 

When not writing about brunch, or preparing another meal, post brunch, to devour, you’ll find Emily hanging out at her favourite Vancouver Brunch spot: LIFT Bar & Grill. “This Coal Harbour, right-on-the-water destination is exactly where I want to spend my Saturday or Sunday mornings. It just feels so Vancouver! If the weather permits, a patio seat is worth waiting for and I wholeheartedly recommend their Beef Prime-Rib Hash. A cup of their drip coffee always hits the spot and the staff always executes a classy service.” For Emily, the best part of brunch is the company, and the coffee. And the extra side of bacon.

Emily’s wish-list exotic brunch location?  “The Maldives. Yup, my quick google image search just confirmed that it is definitely the Maldives.”

Twitter: @the_fat_pigs Instagram: @Caulfield_Emily

Pamela Smith: North Shore

pamPamela Smith is a publicist and blogger, writing at, A transplanted Maritimer, Pamela traded the Atlantic for the North Shore mountains more than 20 years ago and is co-parenting two boys with the world’s best ex-husband. When not hiking the North Shore trails with Dug, her Golden Retriever, Pamela can be found with her nose in a book, running the seawall or on a date.

Her favourite brunch spot is The Truffle House in West Vancouver, for its warm friendly service and seriously decadent truffle omelette. If forced to go over the Lion’s Gate Bridge, she heads straight for The Homer Street Cafe. A perfect brunch includes Eggs Benedict, a hot pot of Earl Grey tea and witty conversation.

Twitter: @divorcedula604

 Cynnamon Schreinert: Yaletown

cynn picCynnamon has a busy public relations career that sees her working with both corporate clients and the arts. As an avid storyteller, she thinks the idea of pitching new and interesting stories is a great way to spend the day. When she’s not telling her client’s stories, Cynnamon is working on her own. Linked to her love of storytelling is a deep-rooted love of photography and acting.

If you ask her to pick a favourite brunch joint, she’ll have a hard time settling on just one. “I can’t pick just one, there are so many brunch options depending on what kind of a mood you find yourself in. It changes from weekend to weekend. But if I had to pick one place it would be Peso’s in Seattle….best crab benny Ever!”

An avid traveller, Cynnamon’s favourite exotic brunch locale would be beachside, looking out over the Carribbean Sea, cup of dark roast in hand, fresh local fruit laid out before me. “Dazzling blue sky and sea, brilliant sunshine and coffee…. did I mention coffee??”

For Cynnamon, the best part of brunch is… “taking the time to really sit and be with someone without the distraction of prep work, cooking and dishes. It’s a time to get deeper into talks with a friend, share glances over the table with a lover or catch up with family.”

Twitter: @CynnamonS Instagram: @CynnamonS

 Nicole Westcott

nicole westcottNicole is a Vancouver dwelling, Fluevog wearing, happiness advocate. When not brunching or blogging she can be found frequenting wine tastings, diligently engaged in her quest to find the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich, or whipping around the Vancouver Seawall on her beloved bicycle, “Elwood”.



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