The Bohemian, Kelowna

The Bohemian Kelowna

If there’s one getaway I really love, it’s to the Okanagan.

A mere 4 hour drive outside of Vancouver takes you to the most magical land of sun, sparkling lakes, fresh, locally grown produce, and wine.

The wine is my favorite part, but running a close second is all of the great restaurants that the Okanagan has to offer.

The BOH Kelowna

During a recent trip to wine country, at the suggestion of our Air B’n’B host, we ventured into tow to find The Bohemian, or The BOH as the locals call it.

Located in downtown Kelowna, the BOH is the place that the locals have been having breakfast at since 1991, and after eating there, it’s not hard to tell why.

The room is large, decorated with a hodge-podge of vintage furniture. Nothing matches, but that’s okay, it’s part of the bohemian feel. the whole place has an eclectic, hippie kinda vibe. It’s bright and sunny, and has a screened-in patio for the warmer months.

Everything coming out of the back is homemade, from the back bacon to the sausage, to the bread to the jam. And let me be clear; this is where you really see a difference in the quality of of the food. Homemade does make a difference, kids.

homemade bread and jam The BOH Kelowna

Beyond doubt, the best thing about the BOH is the homemade bread and jam. They make it in-house every day, and it’s spectacular. In fact, I am still regretting, months later, that I didn’t bring a jar home.

Breakfast The BOH Kelowna

The breakfast menu is pretty extensive, and extremely customizeable. It runs the gamut from some truly hippie granola to bennies, to french toasts and hearty blueberry oatmeal pancakes, to omelettes, to corned beef hash for the really hungry, or huevos rancheros.

This is solid diner food; eggs cooked how you like ’em, slabs of ham, shredded crispy flat-top hash browns.

Salmon Benny the BOH Kelowna

And that magical toast…

If you are driving through the Okanagan, be sure to stop at The BOH in Kelowna. It will charm you with its warm, cheery surroundings and its delicious homemade food.

The Bohemian

524 Bernard Ave, Kelowna BC




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