The Donnelly Group: Brunch at the The New Oxford

We All have a list of brunch spots we’d like to try in town. I’m going to strongly suggest you add the Donnelly Group pubs, and The Tavern at the New Oxford in particular, to that list… pronto! I was recently invited to a tasting of the new brunch menu and I have to say, […]


I really love my neighbourhood. It’s all about walkability in the West End; many people who live here don’t have cars, and don’t feel need to own one. Everything you need is within a relatively short walking distance–the seawall, Stanley Park, the Farmer’s Market, awesome shopping and restaurants. Preston’s in the Coast Hotel on Pender […]

Slickity Jim’s Chat N’ Chew

There are times you go to a popular restaurant and it disappoints. This is not one of those times. Slickity Jim’s Chat N’ Chew is every bit as good as I was told it would be. I was breaking in a new Brunch Buddy on an early Saturday morning and thankful for it. It’s hard […]

The Portly Chef

It’s hidden gem time. Vancouver is a city that celebrates its best restaraunts and its best chefs. But there are others, off the beaten track, that are crushing it, and just aren’t as well known. The Portly Chef is one of those. I’m going to admit to you straight up: I’d never even heard of […]

Au Comptoir

Au Comptoir is the neighbourhood French Bistro that Kitsilano was begging for, whether Kits knew it or not. The place is always busy, but you never feel rushed. The decor screams authentic French vacation while the food whispers to your heart’s deepest culinary desires. It’s the perfect place to escape the week, and even the […]

Brunch YYJ: The Village

This is the second in our series of posts about the best brunches in Victoria. Normally, I leave these posts 100% up to our Victoria correspondent, Chantal, but I was recently in Victoria, and so of course we had to have brunch! We chose The Village, and we were not disappointed. Read on!  The Village […]

A Brief History of Brunch

Brunch, the bastard child of breakfast and lunch, just happens to be the life of the morning after the night before party. It’s the one not-so-early morning meal you plan for, not plan around. So, where did this interloper of weekend meals come from? And why do we continue to love it so much? The […]

Belgard Kitchen

Two years ago, I walked into the space at 55 Dunlevy for the first time. My reaction was strong, and immediate. It was love at first sight. I was there doing a piece for Vancity Buzz on Vancouver Urban Winery, which is housed in this historical building. The first of its kind, it’s a fully-functioning […]

Bandidas Taqueria

There’s an unassuming Mexican restaurant at the corner of East Twelfth Avenue and Commercial Drive that produces anything but unassuming food. Bandidas Taqueria loads your morning plate with colour, freshness, and a whole lot of flavour; all that and not an ounce of meat in the place. I’ve eaten many times at Bandidas; brunch, lunch […]

Morning Oatmeal #vegan

Today, we feature another recipe from our recent culinary school graduate, Emily. This recipe for morning oatmeal is incredibly healthy, and will fill you up before a big day at work, or if you have an exam or presentation to give and have to be on your game. This, my friends, is some winning oatmeal. […]