Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Let’s be real. We’re fans of pizza for breakfast here at Brunchcouver. But what we are bigger fans of, is locally-sourced ingredients prepared with care.

So, while this particular brunch blogger has long been a fan of the ethics and sourcing policies of Rocky Mountain Flatbread, it wasn’t until very recently that she even knew that they did brunch.

You’ll find Rocky Mountain in three locations here in the Lower Mainland; over on Main, at 1st and Cornwall in Kits, and a newly-opened food court kiosk at Park Royal. Both Kits and Main St have lovely patios and are among the most kid-friendly restaurants in the city.

Much of what gets served here comes directly from the farmers, or the Farmer’s Market, just up the road. Some of it is even sourced from their back alley. The owner has a very cool setup back there, that composts food waste scraps from the restaurant and turns them into soil that’s then used to grow greens year-round that then turn up on your food. It’s pretty darn cool, and measures even less than 100 feet, if you’re into sourcing your ingredients that locally.

And we are. Bonus: it’s served every day of the week, so you don’t have to wait for the weekend to get your hands on it.

Let’s start with Breakfast Bevvies. Coffee, the most important of them all, comes in all forms; brewed, lattes, cappucinos, whatever you like. The beans are roasted in Canoe, BC, and come from Frog Friendly Wild Coffee. If it’s the weekend, you might as well indulge in a Caesar. They’re just $5.

The brunch menu is comprised of primarily savory dishes. There are bennies, omelets, scrambles and hashes, as well as breakfast pizza, which you would certainly expect. All eggs served here are free range from Rabbit River Farms.

There is one sweet dish on the brunch menu, and it’s a collaboration with a local business. Patisserie LeBeau, just up the street, supplies some of the best Belgian Waffles in the city, and you can find them here, topped up with a mixed berry compote and some whipped cream.

There are two omelettes: one with meat and one without. The meat version comes with chunks of double-smoke bacon, tons of veg, and a fresh side salad. The vegetarian one has a distinctly Mediterranean feel, with avocado, mushrooms, spinach, pesto and goat’s cheese.

The Eggs Benny is available with your choice of either Avocado, Smoked Salmon or ham. My only beef was that the eggs were overdone for my taste (I like ’em runny), but the heirloom tomato side salad was bomb.

Let’s not forget the pizza! There are two versions on the menu, again, one with meat and one without (I appreciate the vegetarian options). The Yukon Pizza takes advantage of that classic combo of bacon and potatoes, before it’s topped with a couple of eggs. The Market Breakfast Pizza uses everything fresh and in season right now; on the day we were there, it included spinach, criminis, pesto and peppers.

I’ve always been a fan of Rocky Mountain, and what they stand for. It’s one of my kid’s fave places, and the patio at the Kits location is really lovely. Having brunch–just another good reason to go.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

1876 W 1st Ave, Vancouver BC

Open for brunch daily from 11 am, 10 am on the weekends



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