Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Let’s be real. We’re fans of pizza for breakfast here at Brunchcouver. But what we are bigger fans of, is locally-sourced ingredients prepared with care. So, while this particular brunch blogger has long been a fan of the ethics and sourcing policies of Rocky Mountain Flatbread, it wasn’t until very recently that she even knew […]

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Tuc Craft Kitchen is one of those places that has been on our list for months. We’ve heard a ton of buzz about it… but it was only recently that we had the opportunity to check it out for ourselves. Normally, we here at Brunchcouver like to travel in packs–the more people you take with […]


I have been to Chicha on East Broadway for dinner several times over the past year or two and have always been delighted by their colourful, Peruvian-inspired dishes, delicious hand-crafted cocktails, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. But despite my deep seeded love for this little local gem I have to admit I was a bit skeptical […]

Rustique Bistro–Bowen Island

Rustic is Refreshing on Bowen Island Bowen Island is not the place I expected to find a French Bistro serving a classic French breakfast staple and a killer mango mimosa, but that’s exactly what happened when I took a Saturday morning ferry to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a gal-pal hang-out away from the rat […]

Waffle Recipe from The World’s Best Brunches

I love waffles. Waffles have it all going on. They are crispy and soft, they are a little sweet, and little savoury. You can top them with any combination–sweet or savoury, and those little divots will hold on to your toppings and make sure they are distributed through every bite. At my house, we are […]

Joe’s Grill

For years, now, Cynnamon and I have been meeting for breakfast on regular basis. We’re two busy, self-employed PR gals, and we always have lots to talk about. Gigs, who’s producing what, who’s working with whom, how our projects are all going. When you’re self-employed, it’s tough sometimes to get that kind of ‘work camaraderie’ […]

Vancouver Chicken and Waffles

I have an obsession. Warm, fluffy, buttermilk waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft and yielding on the inside. Hints of butter, cream, and vanilla. Then, there’s chicken. Juicy and tender on the inside, hot and crispy on the outside. The crunch of the breading and skin. And then sweet, strident maple syrup over all of […]

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

You know what’s great about a brunch joint that’s located in a hotel? Brunch 7 days a week, that’s what! A couple weeks back, myself and one of our brunchers, Cynnamon (who was on a Staycation), got to check out Frankie’s Italian Kitchen in the Georgian Court Hotel. It’s located on Beatty St, just across […]

Waffle Gone Wild

Originally published on Vancity Buzz.  It started with an adventure. David and his fiancé, Nicole, had just graduated from University, and like many young people, decided to do some travelling before settling down. They booked a trip for Europe, and part of their trip included Brussels. Their first morning in Brussels, they discovered a small […]


Originally posted on VanCity Buzz. In the US, it’s a donut. In the UK, it’s a biscuit. In Italy, it’ll be a biscotti. In France, you can bet it will be a croissant. There is a tradition, the world over, no matter where you live, of liking something a little sweet with your morning coffee. […]