Cheap and Cheerful: Bon’s Off Broadway

This is the second post in our series about the cheapest breakfasts in the city. The goal here is to source out all the joints where you can get away with coffee and breakfast for under $10. Bon’s Off Broadway is number one in the category, and has been…. pretty much since I can remember. […]

Greenhorn Espresso Bar

Every neighbourhood has a haunt that they wish the rest of the city never found out about. My apologies to the West End but I’m about to blow the roof off your closely guarded secret; the Greenhorn Espresso Bar is destination-worthy for those outside the city core. I discovered Greenhorn through a friend a couple […]

Cheap & Cheerful: The Regal Beagle

We have a new series here at Brunchcouver, it’s called Cheap and Cheerful. The idea is to highlight breakfast and brunch in Vancity for under $10. Where can you get it? Whose is worthy and whose is just a greasy hangover cure? We are setting out to answer all the questions. Our first stop? The […]

Harvest Delicatessen

In true “New York deli-style”, Harvest Delicatessen lets the “mic drop” on a Brunchcouver favourite with their creative take on Shakshuka. Harvest Deli is best known for their sandwiches; the menu is extensive and the hand-crafted delights are always worth the wait.   There is, however, a small all-day breakfast menu that deserves its fair due. […]

Red Umbrella Cafe

There are restaurants in your neighbourhood and then there are neighbourhood restaurants. To the residents of the West End, The Red Umbrella is a neighbourhood restaurant in all the best possible ways. I had a breakfast meeting planned for Monday and chose to kill two birds with one stone and try somewhere new for a […]

Viva Fine Foods and Bakery

Kitsilano Hidden Gem Viva Fine Foods and Bakery is a hidden gem tucked between several restaurants on Yew Street near Kitsilano Beach. It’s the kind of bakery that feels like it belongs by a beach, where the dog you tied up outside is as loved and welcomed as you are, and the owner, Dawn Son-Hing, […]

Temper Pastry

Temper-atures Are Rising With temperatures nearing the bazillions and no rain in sight, over-heated Vancouverites can temper their internal and external temperatures with a cool treat from Temper Pastry’s new Summer Menu. Temper Pastry has been a favourite among West Vancouverites since opening in Dundarave in 2013. The traditional patissierie-meets cool West Coast space is […]

Roland’s on Fourth

Do you remember Hell’s Kitchen? A few years back, I went there for brunch with a bunch of girlfriends, and while the food, I think, was okay, the decor… well, it was called Hell’s Kitchen, right? Yeah, it wasn’t very fancy. Definitely on the divey side. Well, a couple weeks ago, I walked into what […]

Joe’s Grill

For years, now, Cynnamon and I have been meeting for breakfast on regular basis. We’re two busy, self-employed PR gals, and we always have lots to talk about. Gigs, who’s producing what, who’s working with whom, how our projects are all going. When you’re self-employed, it’s tough sometimes to get that kind of ‘work camaraderie’ […]

Cora – Coquitlam

During my 3 year stint in Alberta, I recall often seeing commercials for this awe-inspiring breakfast restaurant. A smiling, animated sun logo and catchy jingle taunted me from the screen. At the time, the nearest Cora restaurant was 3 Provinces away and I could hardly justify that commute for breakfast. After moving back home to […]