I really love my neighbourhood. It’s all about walkability in the West End; many people who live here don’t have cars, and don’t feel need to own one. Everything you need is within a relatively short walking distance–the seawall, Stanley Park, the Farmer’s Market, awesome shopping and restaurants. Preston’s in the Coast Hotel on Pender […]


There’s a new restaurant in Vancouver’s West End that is operating under a unique concept: there is no tipping. Wait, what? Tipping is standard practice at any restaurant that involves table service, and even some that do not. It’s standard to expect to tip anywhere between 10-20% on top of your bill every time you […]

L’Abattoir in the Heart of Gastown

The names and places may change in Gastown through the years, but one thing has always remained consistent; good food, good drinks and good service. L’Abattoir is no different. Opened in 2010, L’Abattoir is located in the heart of Gastown, steps away from Blood Alley (previously The Irish Heather, now located across the street). Nighttime […]

Glowbal: Telus Garden

It’s just so pretty. For many of us, brunch is often a casual affair. We roll in, maybe a little late after being out too late the night before, still sweating out the beer. We maybe don’t feel or look our best. But brunch is also about indulgence–it’s about eating bacon, drinking mimosas, things we […]

Heirloom Vegetarian

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: it’s a great time to be vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Yes, there was a time when, if you walked into a restaurant and asked what was vegan on the menu, they’d look at you askance and then bring you a bowl of dry lettuce. Not any […]

Yew Seafood + Bar at the Four Seasons

Here in Vancity, we are incredibly lucky to have a wealth of really passionate chefs. Chefs who go above and beyond for what they believe in, and aren’t just about the business of running a restaurant. One such Chef is the Executive Chef at Yew, Ned Bell. Now, Ned is passionate about sustainable seafood, as […]

The Fish House

Elegance Never Goes Out of Style There are a few places in every city that deserve the title, “iconic”, and The Fish House is one of those places. When I first moved to Vancouver in 1992, it already had that reputation for quality, freshness and innovation with seafood. In all the years that have passed, […]

Aphrodites Organic Cafe and Pie Shop

Pie for breakfast at Aphrodites Mmm… pie. Is pie the most perfect food ever? Ask my friend Sean. He regularly requests it every year in the place of cake for his birthday. Yup, pie is pretty damn fine (see what I did there?). One of the absolute top purveyors of that flaky, delicious treat is Aphrodites in […]


There’s a new brunch in town, kids! Of course, there’s always new brunch spots opening up in the city and beyond, but it’s not too often that we get in to check a place out even before they’ve had their grand opening. C-Prime is the newly re-branded restaurant in the Century Plaza Hotel (the one […]

Edible Canada

One of the greatest things about having a blog is being able to give some really public kudos to the places I love the most in this city. We are blessed to live in such an amazing foodie town. There are so many great options–I love it. And I love being able to tell people […]