There’s a new brunch in town, kids! Of course, there’s always new brunch spots opening up in the city and beyond, but it’s not too often that we get in to check a place out even before they’ve had their grand opening. C-Prime is the newly re-branded restaurant in the Century Plaza Hotel (the one […]

Nook Restaurant

Flavour Crammed in Every NOOK And Cranny It’s no secret I love Nook. Heck, it’s even in my biography. But why I love Nook changes every time I visit the restaurant. It even changes with every meal. What was to love about my latest visit to this quickly established mainstay in the Kitsilano brunch scene? Clean, bold […]

Sciué Yaletown

Sciué: A Little Touch of Early Morning Rome I’ve been a fan of Sciué (say shoe-ey) for several years. Everything is made from scratch, from the dough that creates their incredible sandwich buns, to the delicious Roman-style pizzas that fly out of their ovens during the lunch rush. Sciué uses high quality ingredients and delivers […]

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

You know what’s great about a brunch joint that’s located in a hotel? Brunch 7 days a week, that’s what! A couple weeks back, myself and one of our brunchers, Cynnamon (who was on a Staycation), got to check out Frankie’s Italian Kitchen in the Georgian Court Hotel. It’s located on Beatty St, just across […]

Ask for Luigi

Ask for it all at Luigi! It’s that good! My love for the egg is legendary, but the hallowed egg takes a back seat to creativity at Ask for Luigi, the only place in town where pasta and polenta are staples on both the brunch and dinner menus. After all, if you can eat eggs for dinner, […]