Easter Brunch

If there was ever a time of the year to celebrate brunch, Easter is it! It’s a time when family gets together and there are new dresses, shiny shoes, and easter egg hunts for the kidlets. So fun! Here are some recipes: Simple brunch bake: assemble this the night before, then bake it in the […]

Brunch YYJ: Nourish Kitchen and Cafe

Welcome to a series of posts we’ll be doing over the next few weeks that will feature the best brunch joints in Victoria. If you’ve never brunched in our province’s capitol, you are missing out. They take their brunches very, very seriously over there, and there are some exemplary places to get your eggs on […]


One of the wonderful things about brunch is how you can explore different cultures based on their recipes. Every country and often even regions inside countries have their favourite breakfast offerings, based on their history, culture, and what ingredients they have readily available. Here in North America, we don’t generally do a ton of spice with […]

Aphrodites Organic Cafe and Pie Shop

Pie for breakfast at Aphrodites Mmm… pie. Is pie the most perfect food ever? Ask my friend Sean. He regularly requests it every year in the place of cake for his birthday. Yup, pie is pretty damn fine (see what I did there?). One of the absolute top purveyors of that flaky, delicious treat is Aphrodites in […]

Exile Bistro

It’s a good time to be a vegetarian in Vancouver. I remember walking into a burger joint a few years back, and seeing literally nothing on the menu for me to eat. The only attempt was a “vegetarian sandwich,” which was basically a burger, without the patty. Um, no. Lame! There are very few places […]


Originally posted on VanCity Buzz. In the US, it’s a donut. In the UK, it’s a biscuit. In Italy, it’ll be a biscotti. In France, you can bet it will be a croissant. There is a tradition, the world over, no matter where you live, of liking something a little sweet with your morning coffee. […]