The Bohemian, Kelowna

If there’s one getaway I really love, it’s to the Okanagan. A mere 4 hour drive outside of Vancouver takes you to the most magical land of sun, sparkling lakes, fresh, locally grown produce, and wine. The wine is my favorite part, but running a close second is all of the great restaurants that the […]

Cheap and Cheerful: Bon’s Off Broadway

This is the second post in our series about the cheapest breakfasts in the city. The goal here is to source out all the joints where you can get away with coffee and breakfast for under $10. Bon’s Off Broadway is number one in the category, and has been…. pretty much since I can remember. […]

Cheap & Cheerful: The Regal Beagle

We have a new series here at Brunchcouver, it’s called Cheap and Cheerful. The idea is to highlight breakfast and brunch in Vancity for under $10. Where can you get it? Whose is worthy and whose is just a greasy hangover cure? We are setting out to answer all the questions. Our first stop? The […]

Corduroy Restaurant

Kitsilano is blessed with a number of neighbourhood public houses but few are as embedded in the culture of the area as Corduroy Restaurant.  It’s a neighbourhood watering hole, local talent promoter, and all around easy-going hangout. Oh, yeah, and it has a great deal on for weekend brunch. This weekend brunch is unique. It’s […]

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is an Old Town Victoria transplant known for creativity, and portions big enough to feed your slow-pitch softball team. The line-up on a Friday proved that rustic and homey has just as big a place in Vancouver diner hearts as hipster and West Coast cool. The Brunch Blog Boss (BBB) and I made […]

The Red Wagon Restaurant

The Red Wagon Restaurant is every bit the neighbourhood eatery that you want so badly in your neighbourhood that you’re willing to drive across town and pretend for one plateful that it is. It’s a classic, but better. I hit the joint with my East Van Brunch Buddies to sample as much guilty pleasure as […]

Union Food Market

Tucked away on the Adanac bike trail is a family run neighbourhood market that specializes in Portuguese foods, fresh-baked breads and pastries, and home-made meals. It’s a tiny space filled to the rafters with specialty items, groceries, fruit and vegetables, and more tasty goodness than a place this size should hold. Union Food Market is […]


I recently met up with a girlfriend for brunch at Havana, and before I went, I had to go back through the Brunchcouver archives. I just assumed that this staple of the Brunchcouver community had already been covered here. Turns out, no. I was pretty surprised, and was excited have the opportunity to right the […]

Jethro’s Fine Grub

Jethro’s Fine Grub has developed quite the name for itself, even garnering a visit from the “Triple D Man” himself, Guy Fieri with Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. I’m sad to say, I wish I could agree with Guy, but I can’t. For me, Jethro’s was not quite so fine grub. I went with the Brunch […]

Bandidas Taqueria

There’s an unassuming Mexican restaurant at the corner of East Twelfth Avenue and Commercial Drive that produces anything but unassuming food. Bandidas Taqueria loads your morning plate with colour, freshness, and a whole lot of flavour; all that and not an ounce of meat in the place. I’ve eaten many times at Bandidas; brunch, lunch […]