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You may be familiar with the baby-blue Yolk’s food truck you’ll often see around the city (they favour the Stadium Skytrain Station and the corner of PenderĀ and Burrard), but Yolk’s also has a more permanent location.

You may remember The Brave Bull on the corner of Commercial and Hastings. No? That’s okay. It was only really memorable for their super cheap steak dinners. When they shut the place down, the owner of Yolks, Steve Ewing, teamed up with a bunch of other food truck owners in the city to create a commissary. Commissaries are where food trucks store their ingredients, and do prep for the day. They need a bigger space than they have on their actual trucks.

But given that they had the space, in December of 2013, Yolks opened its doors for breakfast.

I never ate at The Brave Bull, but I am 99.999% certain there was no renovations done, and the place looks exactly like it did before Yolks took over.

If you’ve driven past, you’ve likely noticed that it looks like a dive. And it pretty much is. But whatevs, right? You’re not here for the decor, you’re here for the food!

The food is good.

Chicken and waffles yolks

They have the same menu here as the food cart: amazing, two-handed sandwiches made with free range eggs, and your choice of fillings. One thing I really like about Yolks is how pretty much everything is a la carte. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s really easy to eat here. There’s no hassle.

We started with a fruit cup, which was beautifully plated, given what we were expecting (and I’ve seen much less fancy fruit cups at much fancier restaurants).

But enough with the healthy stuff! Let’s get onto brunch mains. My brunch buddy ordered the french toast, and I have to recommend it. The french toast is egg-dipped, panko-breaded, and deep fried. It’s like if french toast and donuts got together and had a crispy, soft, love child. It comes with your choice of meat, and in this case, my friend was all about the bangers (he’s of Scottish decent).

french toast yolks

I was here for the Chicken and Waffles, being currently on a quest for the best Chicken and Waffles in the city. The Chicken and Waffles from Yolks are served sandwich-style, and the chicken portion is generous. I was happy to be eating it in a proper restaurant, not off of a food truck, because I wasn’t sure how I’d get that monster in my face! The C & W comes topped with maple syrup and chicken gravy for an extra southern touch.

No visit to Yolk’s is complete without a side of their magical (yes, I said magical) Lemon-Truffle Hashbrowns. Now, I get that truffle is one of those polarizing flavours–you either love it or hate it, but I belong in the “love it” camp. These are perfect hashbrowns. I’m not crazy about a deep-fried hashbrown, and these are not. They are baked, which makes them soft, and just a little crispy. They are then garnished with a squirt of lemon and a dusting of truffle salt. It’s a party in your mouth. A party with truffles. My favourite kind.

yolks lemon truffle hashbrowns

Prices here are very reasonable; almost everything is under $10.

Yolk’s is worth making the trip to East Van for; although I’d advise you to go during the week, as lineups get pretty crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

Yolk’s Breakfast

1298 East Hastings Street

Open: M-F 8am-3pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-3pm

2 thoughts on “Yolk’s Breakfast

  1. There’s a Yolks on Broadway now, just west of Cambie (across the street from London Drugs.) You’ll get a lineup on the weekend, but the hash browns are worth it.

    • Yes, we’ve been past a few times, but haven’t gone in yet. It looks really light in there, much nicer than the first location.

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