Timber Gastropub

It’s been nearly a year since Forage, one of my all time favourite brunch places (and, in fact, one of my fave restos in the city) took over the art gallery that was next door to their location and opened up a casual Canadian-themed pub called Timber.

The place is awash in Canadian kitsch. The servers wear plaid shirts. There is a giant stuffed beaver and a Canada Goose. The sound system blares The Barenaked Ladies, Nickleback and BTO.


Timber is just a few blocks from where I live in the West End, so it’s a popular destination for me to meet friends for drinks. Even the cocktails are Canadian-themed. They have no less than 4 different kinds of that most Canadian of all cocktails, the Caesar, but my favorite drink here is The Lumberman’s Arch (named after the iconic location in Stanley Park).


They just started serving brunch a few months ago on the weekends, and they don’t have a huge brunch menu, but what they have covers nice range.


First off, there’s the Canadiana. That’s your standard breakfast; two eggs, how you like them, toast, spuds. You can add on meat if you like, turkey sausage, bacon, or their house-made smoked brisket. Now, regular readers will know I’m not the biggest fan of deep-fried hash browns, but it’s totally worth ordering them because they come with the house-made ketchup, which is to die for. Never thought I’d say that, but it really is the star of the show. Timber/Forage also makes their own jams, so be sure to ask for some of that for your toast as well.


If you’ve been out drinking the night before, you may elect to order the Hangover Cure. Served in a skillet, it starts with crispy hash brows at the base, with shaved roast beast beef, Timber’s famous mushroom gravy, and two poached eggs. Ooooh yeah.

They also have a light, fruit/granola yogurt combo if you just can’t quite face that much heavy food at noon on a Saturday.

Finally, there’s a weekly rotating special. One thing I love about Forage is how they change their menus seasonally, and serve up stuff that is local. The day we were there, it was a hash with mushrooms and spinach served over toast.


Deep fried Cheese Curds from the regular menu.

Of course, you can order off of the regular menu, too. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, you might want to order the Bison Burger, and just ask them to #putaneggonit. They have served up nearly 10K of these bad boys–you know you can’t go wrong.

I love dessert, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have dessert at brunch, right?? There’s a ton of Canadian options here, from butter tarts (droool…) to deep-fried Nanaimo bars, to Beaver Tails.

timber-beavertailWe ordered a Beaver Tail with Nutella, and I’m still dreaming of it. The dough is flakier than the traditional yeasted version that you get from a food truck, and, in all honestly, I think I like it better than original. It’s a more refined version.

Service is always wonderful. There is a pretty low turnover here, so every time I’m in, I recognize the same faces.

It’s casual, it’s laid-back, and it’s Canadian, eh?


1300 Robson St

Open for Brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 2.


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