Acme Cafe

Acme Cafe was the perfect location for my last Celebrunch interview with the fabulous Johannah Newmarch. Acme is a Gastown cafe that focuses on local ingredients crafted with a creative eye to the limitations of the restaurant. You see, they don’t have a grill. The cafe can be found in the historic Paris Block on […]

Joe’s Grill

For years, now, Cynnamon and I have been meeting for breakfast on regular basis. We’re two busy, self-employed PR gals, and we always have lots to talk about. Gigs, who’s producing what, who’s working with whom, how our projects are all going. When you’re self-employed, it’s tough sometimes to get that kind of ‘work camaraderie’ […]

The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

Tucked away on Hamilton Street is the warm and inviting, brick-exposed Flying Pig. If you’ve lived in Yaletown long enough, you know that this place used to be half the size. In the past few years, they’ve grown their footprint in Yaletown, and brought the Flying Pig to Gastown and the Olympic Village. Living in the […]