Cheap and Cheerful: Bon’s Off Broadway

This is the second post in our series about the cheapest breakfasts in the city. The goal here is to source out all the joints where you can get away with coffee and breakfast for under $10. Bon’s Off Broadway is number one in the category, and has been…. pretty much since I can remember. […]

The Red Wagon Restaurant

The Red Wagon Restaurant is every bit the neighbourhood eatery that you want so badly in your neighbourhood that you’re willing to drive across town and pretend for one plateful that it is. It’s a classic, but better. I hit the joint with my East Van Brunch Buddies to sample as much guilty pleasure as […]

Bandidas Taqueria

There’s an unassuming Mexican restaurant at the corner of East Twelfth Avenue and Commercial Drive that produces anything but unassuming food. Bandidas Taqueria loads your morning plate with colour, freshness, and a whole lot of flavour; all that and not an ounce of meat in the place. I’ve eaten many times at Bandidas; brunch, lunch […]


Originally posted on VanCity Buzz. In the US, it’s a donut. In the UK, it’s a biscuit. In Italy, it’ll be a biscotti. In France, you can bet it will be a croissant. There is a tradition, the world over, no matter where you live, of liking something a little sweet with your morning coffee. […]

Campagnolo Upstairs

Originally posted on Vancity Buzz.  The door is a nondescript green. There is no window, no address, and it sits in an alley-like recess. The only identifying characteristics are an odd symbol–a “c” with zig-zag lines above and below, and four simple letters painted above the jamb: “E X I T.” The door is indeed […]

Rosemary Rocksalt

Originally published on Vancity Buzz. Amongst my circle of friends, we lovingly refer to the Rosemary Rocksalt bagels at Siegel’s as “crack.” They are deliciously addictive, the earthy rosemary embedded in a chewy bagel, studded with rock salt that pings on your tongue like pop rocks. I grab one, usually toasted and smeared with Siegel’s […]