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st regis brunch

I work at BCIT. I’ve been an instructor there for the last 6 years, and while I only work there part-time, I am there pretty much every Tuesday night.

Conveniently located across the street from my work is the St Regis Bar & Grill. It’s big and dark, and it has this Malbec I like and good snacks, so it’s a place I sometimes end up with my fellow instructors after work.

“The Rege” also does a pub brunch, though, and they recently completely revamped their brunch menu. Daniel Ackland is the new Executive Chef here, since just before Christmas, and has been revamping the menus over the last few months. This particular job, however, he gave to two of his sous chefs, and they came up with some interesting and creative ideas.

St Regis Avo Toast

Take the Avocado Toast. Yes, we all know AvoToast is super hot these days, but this one definitely comes with a twist. It’s served with two sous-vide eggs, nestled in a bed of sprouts. But the eggs–this is where it gets creative–are served cold.

st regis salmon avocado toast

There’s a variation on this same recipe that comes with smoked salmon; kind of like lox on rye toast, but with the addition of avocado and lemon-dill cream cheese.

st regis salmon cake

There’s a kind of a benny called The Sockeye Cake. It’s a fish cake made of sockeye salmon, and comes with a poached egg, a light salad, and side of their homemade sausage. It’s not presented as a benny, though, all the components are separate, and there’s no hollandaise.

st regis chicken and waffles

To add a southern twist to the menu, you’ll find chicken and waffles and biscuits. This is one of only about a dozen places in the city you can get chicken and waffles, and they also do a kind of biscuits and gravy thing, but lightened up for the West Coast with an avocado spread, roasted spinach, and a sunny-side-up egg.

st regis yorkie and eggs

There’s a very unique dish called Yorkie and Eggs. It’s kind of like a benny, but the egg and hollandaise, along with a house-made banger, are presented in a halved, hollow yorkshire pudding.

For sweet options, there’s a stuffed french toast; a menu item I would really like to go back to try.

the big rege

Finally, there’s The Big Rege. Big enough to feed a small family, The Big Rege ($18), features a waffle, three slices of toast, ham, bacon and sausage, three eggs and potatoes. Yeah. It’s a lot of food.

It’s worth noting that this new menu features locally-sourced goodness, and they are making many items in-house, like their sausage, and jam (the strawberry-rhubarb was amazeballs).

Granville Street is super busy on the weekend nights, but during the day, the place is pretty dead. There aren’t a ton of weekend brunch options in the area, so the St Regis is a great choice to get together with a group for a laid-back, pub-style breakfast. The menu choices are diverse and interesting, there’s something for everyone.

St. Regis Bar & Grill

602 Dunsmuir Street

Open for brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm

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