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Brunch Pizza at The Parlour

Walk down Hamilton Street any day after work and you’ll notice a robust crowd gathered indoors and out at The Parlour in Yaletown on Hamilton Street. They are known for their amazing happy hour deals and incredible pizza. I had been there a few times after work, and always had a good time. Their chalkboard often makes me chuckle as I walk past with its quirky one-liners and unique special announcements. One weekend I noted they were offering brunch and added Parlour to my Sunday morning list of places to visit.

Remember the days when, after a night of “going out” you’d wake up and find yourself at the fridge craving cold pizza? You may have kissed those days good-bye but you can say Hello to pizza for breakfast!

Parlour lemon curd

The brunch offerings at The Parlour are all served on their delectable, freshly made in-house pizza dough. With an array toppings to choose from there is something to reach everyone’s palate whether it’s seafood, vegetarian or some spicy sausage. (You can request Gluten Free dough for your pizza if you have special dietary requests).

We were fortunate to have a lovely Sunday when my friend and I met for brunch at The Parlour. Sitting in the front lounge of the restaurant near the wide open patio doors, we could feel the refreshing morning air while we watched the people going about their Sunday morning.

In my opinion it often bodes well when an establishment puts some effort into their table décor. Little sprigs of flowers woke up the wooden tables and gingham linen napkins gave a quaint, homey feel to the table, much like you might feel upon being hosted in a traditional parlour environment. We were offered the regular menu as well as a one-sheet with the brunch menu. Good to know for those who don’t like eggs in the morning, that you can get other dishes here.

Parlour table setup s

We started off with the Fruit Plate that was an array of seasonal fruit, laid out in a symmetrical design. Raspberries melted in the mouth as they are perfectly in season. This was the sweetest pineapple I’ve had in a long while; I’m sure it’s in season somewhere.

You know what hits the spot with fruit? A tasty mimosa! Reasonably priced and standard size, the mimosas at The Parlour are uplifting with orange juice and prosecco. My friend ordered the “Parlour Sour” (yes for breakfast, but who’s to judge when we’re already having pizza!) made with fresh egg whites, declaring it a near perfect beverage to sip over breakfast.

Parlour caesar

Americanos were ordered to balance out the Sunday Funday brunch beverages. The coffee beans were fine but they didn’t have the traditional barista set up. Note to coffee bean lovers, if you want a good strong Americano stop at Café Artigiano on Davie Street before walking up Hamilton. Save those beverage calories for a mimosa or Caesar, which also happen to be the weekend special. My friend got the Caesar and immediately I could tell there was something unique about this; The Parlour makes their own salt rim. Peppered, salted and spiced, it’s a great accompaniment to the Caesar served with an asparagus.

Parlour Salmon Benjamin

Soon the Smoked Benjamin arrived, which is the Parlour’s take on the salmon benny. Loaded with smoked salmon, perfectly poached eggs and in-house hollandaise sauce, this benny was a decadent brunch treat. I’m not one to usually have so much bread, but when the pizza dough is home-made and there’s a mixture of cream and mozzarella cheese baked on top of it I can’t help myself. The capers added the perfect salty balance.

As a potato lover it was my duty to try a side of the Red Potato Hash. Oven roasted red potatoes in a light Cajun spice make these potatoes a perfect brunch accompaniment. Even though I didn’t finish the pizza dough , I did eat all of the potatoes due to the addictive seasoning. And not just because I love potatoes, or that I had enjoyed three mimosas over brunch.

Parlour Huevos Benedictinos

On the other side of the table, the Huevos Benedictinos did not disappoint. With the same sauce as a typical pizza, this tomato and mozzarella cheese-draped dough-bed provided the perfect home for a heaping amount of salsa and chorizo from Cioffi’s Meat Market with two perfectly poached eggs lathered in hollandaise sauce. So perfectly poached in fact I had to tell my friend that she should have videoed it for #yolkporn. It was that good. Yes I’ve been told that’s a thing!

The laidback atmosphere, warm wood and smooth concrete flooring give you the feeling that this is what easy like Sunday morning is all about. Sit back, enjoy the playlist and savour pizza for breakfast.

The Parlour Yaletown

1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Open at 11am on weekends

Price – $$

Cynnamon Schreinert is a busy PR gal about town, an ex-server, and an expert on breakfast potatoes. You can find her on twitter @cynnamons.

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