Gone to Brunch…

We’ll be off taking a bit of a wee break for the next couple of weeks, but we’ll be back in September with new brunch recommendations. Until then, may your coffee always be hot and may you never see the bottom of your cup. ~Bex & Michelle

The Tipper Restaurant and Review Room

The Tipper is another one of those restaurants that prides itself on being a part of their local community. They walk the talk by not only exhibiting local artists, but they also feature local acoustic music nights. I was out enjoying a sunny Sunday morning with some friends and what do you know, the topic […]

Nice Cafe

Sometimes all you want is a comforting breakfast in a neighbourhood joint that doesn’t stand on pretense, isn’t more concerned about decor, and has staff that gets good service can be as simple as being yourself. Welcome to Nice Cafe. You want to know what’s nice about Nice Cafe? Pretty much everything. I love this […]

The Wallflower

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; Vancouver is experiencing an explosion of really great vegetarian and vegan restaurant options. This is important for several reasons. First off, there are more and more people adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and it seems unfair to them that the only thing they might be […]

The Gumboot Cafe–Robert’s Creek

It’s summer! You may find yourself traveling over the next month or so, and you may find yourself, if you’re lucky, on the Sunshine Coast. I live in a fantastic place. Just a short, 45 minute ferry ride away takes me to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, where a much slower pace of life, gorgeous […]

Tangent Cafe

We tend to categorize the places we eat; diners, upscale, exotic, creative, classic. The list goes on. If I were to describe the Tangent Cafe, it would be neighbourhood hangout, and I’m not sure there’s a better class of brunch spot on a grey Saturday morning. I don’t know what I was thinking but I […]

Celebrunch: Lisa Durupt

Lisa Durupt is funny. I don’t mean in that “she’s a comedy actor so she must be funny” way, but more in that “genuine, charming, and adorably funny” way. She’s the type of person that would be on everyone’s friends’ list for movie night, late Sunday brunch or just for hanging out. You’ll see what […]

Tableau Bar Bistro

I count myself incredibly lucky to live right in Downtown Vancouver. I love being in the middle of the action. Here, there are a plethora of dining choices just steps from my front door. Despite it being steps from my front door, until recently, I’d never brunched at Tableau Bar Bistro. I’d stayed at the […]

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is an Old Town Victoria transplant known for creativity, and portions big enough to feed your slow-pitch softball team. The line-up on a Friday proved that rustic and homey has just as big a place in Vancouver diner hearts as hipster and West Coast cool. The Brunch Blog Boss (BBB) and I made […]

Harvest Delicatessen

In true “New York deli-style”, Harvest Delicatessen lets the “mic drop” on a Brunchcouver favourite with their creative take on Shakshuka. Harvest Deli is best known for their sandwiches; the menu is extensive and the hand-crafted delights are always worth the wait.   There is, however, a small all-day breakfast menu that deserves its fair due. […]