La Brasserie

La Brasserie is one of those places you walk past on Davie St and always see a crowd inside. There’s a reason for that, and it starts with the food. The menu is Franco-German inspired, with an emphasis on the Franco. The ingredients are locally sourced with a focus on organic and quality.  This is […]

Timber Gastropub

It’s been nearly a year since Forage, one of my all time favourite brunch places (and, in fact, one of my fave restos in the city) took over the art gallery that was next door to their location and opened up a casual Canadian-themed pub called Timber. The place is awash in Canadian kitsch. The […]

Dim Sum: Fisherman’s Terrace

Oh, man, I love this city. So, yes, I am a pretty Anglo kinda girl. My people come from the UK primarily, and a little from Germany and Russia. But I love all cultures’ food, and in Vancouver, that’s not a problem. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got it. Food is a universal language, and just […]

Cora Robson St

I’ve been a resident of the West End/Coal Harbour now off and on for about 15 years. This last stretch, I’ve been living just off of Georgia St for the last 5 years, with zero plans of ever going anywhere else. I love my ‘hood. I love how walkable it is. I love the coffeeshops […]

Old Town Cafe, Bellingham, WA

The last trip on my summer Film Festival circuit took me to the Covellite Film Festival in Butte, Montana, with a stop at Bellingham’s own, Old Town Cafe. This time I was driving to the Festival with a fellow filmmaker and a frequent Brunch Buddy. On her insistence, we stopped at the Old Town Cafe […]

9th Avenue Grill

It’s small. It’s tucked away. Yet it’s been there for ages. Just off of Burrard, on Granville, in the middle of what is currently quite the traffic schmozzle (as Burrard has been shut down from Broadway to 16th for months) is the 9th Avenue Grill. It’s tiny; just a dozen tables are tucked into the […]

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co., Studio City, CA

or, The Great Chiliaquiles Hunt of 2016: Part 2 I finished my trip to Los Angeles and the Action on Film International Film Festival with a hop over to Studio City to continue with the Great Chilaquiles Hunt of 2016. I was with my roomie for the week, a filmmaker from Florida, who was more […]

Foxy’s Restaurant, Glendale, CA

or, The Great Chilaquiles Hunt of 2016: Part One Vacation month came later for me than most, as September was made for Film Festivals and the Great Chilaquiles Hunt of 2016. I love chilaquiles so much that I’m going to do two separate blog posts. Today I want to talk about a classic Glendale California […]

Peach Thyme Bellini

If there’s one thing we love here at Brunchouver, it’s a proper Brunch bevvie. The rules are simple; it needs to have some fruit juice, and it needs to have sparkling wine. Bonus points if it’s served in a champagne flute! This Bellini has it all; sweet peaches, a touch of savory thyme, and, of […]

Roundel Cafe

I made the trek across town one Sunday morning this summer to hang out with some friends and try a place I’d heard a lot about, Roundel Cafe on Hastings St.  The little neighbourhood diner had a reputation for fresh food in a funky and family friendly environment. If there was a place that I […]