Fable Kitchen

I need to be upfront with you. Fable Kitchen is my favourite. If you asked me where I wanted to have my last brunch, Fable would be it. With a side of Chef Chris Whittaker’s (Forage) scones. In my opinion, Trevor Bird is doing it all right. He cooks seasonally. He’s growing stuff on the roof. […]

Vancouver Chicken and Waffles

I have an obsession. Warm, fluffy, buttermilk waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft and yielding on the inside. Hints of butter, cream, and vanilla. Then, there’s chicken. Juicy and tender on the inside, hot and crispy on the outside. The crunch of the breading and skin. And then sweet, strident maple syrup over all of […]

LIFT Bar and Grill

I’ve said it before and I’ll hungrily say it again: LIFT Bar and Grill  is one of my favourite places to go for brunch. Simply put, it’s just got all the right things going on: a great location, mouth-watering menu items, fantastic locally roasted coffee (I dare you to have just one cup) and an always-happy-to-help group of staffers. Over the past year, I’ve dined there numerous times […]

Local Public Eatery

Local Public Eatery: Easy Like Sunday Morning Local is one of my defaults. Across the street from Kits beach, Local has a kick-ass patio in the summer–in fact it’s difficult to get a seat out there, it’s so popular. If you can’t sit outside, they have huge garage doors that open up to the beach, […]

The Truffle House and Cafe

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love my neighbourhood. Dundarave may not be the hippest neighbourhood in Vancouver (most lights go dark by 8pm during the week), but it is certainly one of the prettiest. And the friendliest. When I moved to Dundarave from North Vancouver 4 years ago following my divorce, my boys […]

Nook Restaurant

Flavour Crammed in Every NOOK And Cranny It’s no secret I love Nook. Heck, it’s even in my biography. But why I love Nook changes every time I visit the restaurant. It even changes with every meal. What was to love about my latest visit to this quickly established mainstay in the Kitsilano brunch scene? Clean, bold […]

Sciué Yaletown

Sciué: A Little Touch of Early Morning Rome I’ve been a fan of Sciué (say shoe-ey) for several years. Everything is made from scratch, from the dough that creates their incredible sandwich buns, to the delicious Roman-style pizzas that fly out of their ovens during the lunch rush. Sciué uses high quality ingredients and delivers […]

La Pentola at the Opus Hotel

Years ago I had a friend say to me that you can tell the quality of an establishment by one small detail; linen napkins. When I arrived at the airy and bright La Pentola located inside the boutique Opus Hotel on Davie Street, I knew that this had the potential to be a high quality […]

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

You know what’s great about a brunch joint that’s located in a hotel? Brunch 7 days a week, that’s what! A couple weeks back, myself and one of our brunchers, Cynnamon (who was on a Staycation), got to check out Frankie’s Italian Kitchen in the Georgian Court Hotel. It’s located on Beatty St, just across […]

Sweetheart Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, possums, and if you want to really impress that special someone in your life, might we suggest cooking them a romantic brunch? That’s right, brunch. Brunch is incredibly romantic. Oh, sure, it’s light out, so you can’t really light candles. But you can drink champagne (with OJ), and there’s the […]