L’Abattoir in the Heart of Gastown

L'abattoir Back Room

The names and places may change in Gastown through the years, but one thing has always remained consistent; good food, good drinks and good service.

L’Abattoir is no different. Opened in 2010, L’Abattoir is located in the heart of Gastown, steps away from Blood Alley (previously The Irish Heather, now located across the street). Nighttime creates a cozy room with an extended private area for guests looking to tuck away into Gastown’s history in this informal setting. For brunch, it’s akin to dining in a European café with its French influenced West Coast fare, simple decor and a window view into the cobbled streets of Gastown.

L'abattoir mason jar lights

For an intimate brunch experience sit in the upper level where conversation can flow with your brunch date. Or sit at the bar for some of the best brunch service you’ve ever experienced. The bartender was spot on with his attentiveness, suggestions and his morning banter (delivered in a crisp British accent). With the big windows and natural light streaming in, it’s the perfect location for Instagram-worthy #foodporn shots. And trust me, the meals are worthy of capturing.

L'abattoir Broken Sbagliato

I feel the whole point of Sunday brunch is to have a libation to begin the day. There are two brunch favourites that have their own L’Abattoir flair. Trade in your traditional mimosa for the Broken Sbagliato. Building upon the brunch sparkling wine tradition L’Abattoir adds Aperol, Cocchi Rosa and grapefruit for a refreshing and uplifting taste. For those who love Bloody Marys and Caesars at brunch then look no further than the I Will Survive cocktail. Green Chartreuse, tomato juice, lime and horseradish create a hearty and satisfying brunch cocktail.

L'abattoir I will survive

The menu features a limited list of brunch entrees, but they all provide something unique from your traditional brunch fair. If you’re looking for a healthy brunch consider the Steelhead Salad. Under a layer of frisee and watermelon radish, the steelhead salmon is served on a buckwheat pancake and topped with perfectly poached eggs and light hollandaise sauce. Equally beautiful and tasty.

L'abattoir Steelhead Salad

Looking for a more hearty brunch? Then consider the Breakfast Burger. Not for the faint of heart or the tight of jaw, this towering feast includes a quarter pound patty, hashbrown patty, and fried egg on a fresh baked bun with lettuce. I had to disassemble mine to eat it. There was no way that I could eat it otherwise without doing some serious damage to myself and my outfit.

L'abattoir Breakfast Burger

The gentleman at the bar near me had ordered the Reuben sandwich, and for meat lovers I could see this was another winner on the menu for them.

L'abattoir house baked pastries

You know you’re in a classy establishment when the coffee is presented on a tray with JJ Bean Esspresso brewed just for you in a French press. This was the perfect way to top off a decadent brunch. That is until they presented the basket of fresh, house-baked pastries. With pain au chocolat, cinnamon buns, glazed danishes and mixed berry donuts, it was difficult to choose just one. The caramel banana danish is what we settled on to enjoy with our second round of coffee. Now this was the perfect topper for brunch at L’Abattoir. Try it this weekend–it could make you forget you’re in Vancouver for a moment.


217 Carrall Street, Gastown, Vancouver
Brunch service Saturday & Sunday 10:00 – 2:00

Cynnamon Schreinert is a busy PR gal about town, an ex-server, and an expert on breakfast potatoes. You can find her on twitter @cynnamons.

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