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For years, now, Cynnamon and I have been meeting for breakfast on regular basis. We’re two busy, self-employed PR gals, and we always have lots to talk about. Gigs, who’s producing what, who’s working with whom, how our projects are all going.

When you’re self-employed, it’s tough sometimes to get that kind of ‘work camaraderie’ need filled. She spends her days mostly working from her apartment with her cat, and I mostly spend my days working from my apartment (sometimes also with a cat–sometimes with Cynnamon’s cat, in fact, if she’s away on vacation). It’s so refreshing to get together with someone who does what you do, and to talk about what’s happening in your world.

We pretty much always end up at the same place, and that’s Joe’s Grill. Once or twice, we’ve met up at the Denman location, but mostly we have breakfast at the Davie location, as it’s perfectly situated, half way between where I live and where Cynnamon lives.

joe's grill breakfast menu

Now, Joe’s is not fancy. There are no organic, free-range eggs on the menu. You seat yourself. Sometimes the table is sticky, and you have to wait for a server to come by and wipe it. It’s cheap. The regular eggs-toast-potatoes breakfast is only $6. The coffee is regular brew, but it’s plentiful and hot. There’s pretty much always a server circulating with a pot, asking if they can top you up.

Joe’s is very much a diner experience. And it’s been around a long time. I used to work in the building it’s housed in, in the offices upstairs, 10 years ago, and Joe’s was there, then. They recently spruced the place up a little, but the menu is exactly the same.

Okay, so, it’s not fancy. But you still want to eat here. The food is cheap, the portion sizes are big, and the service is always great. Most of the servers have been working here for years, and they are cheerful and cheeky, and just generally all around pleasant as they deliver plates of pancakes and hash.

In addition, for a diner, they are pretty aware of dietary concerns, and include gluten-free break options and vegan options on the menu.

huevos rancheros joes grill

I’ve tried most things on the menu. The banana pancakes are one of my faves, but I have to be really hungry to order them, because they could easily feed two. Same goes for the breakfast burrito, which is a huge platter of food. Cynnamon and I usually order “simply eggs”: two eggs, potatoes, toast. Easy. Cynnamon, who is a bit of a potato snob, insists we come here for the potatoes alone. They are pre-cooked, and then finished on the flat-top, so they have bits of crispyness on the edges. They are really good, but without being deep-fried, because I can’t really face eating fries for breakfast.

On a recent trip there, we decided to break out of our comfort zones and I had the waffle sandwich. Cynnamon had the huevos rancheros. Good. Simple.

We’ll keep coming to Joe’s for a long time yet to come. The food’s not gourmet, but it’s easy, inexpensive, and the service is just right.

Joe’s Grill

4 locations

Open for breakfast from 7 am

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