Foxy’s Restaurant, Glendale, CA

Foxy's Restaurant

or, The Great Chilaquiles Hunt of 2016: Part One

Vacation month came later for me than most, as September was made for Film Festivals and the Great Chilaquiles Hunt of 2016. I love chilaquiles so much that I’m going to do two separate blog posts. Today I want to talk about a classic Glendale California haunt, Foxy’s Restaurant.

Foxy’s doors opened in 1964. Even though it has changed with the times, it still has that homey classic big booth and awesome California patio vibe. I instantly loved the place. The staff were attentive and patient, which was great because I was meeting a Brunch Buddy for a catch up and to toast her impending nuptials.

Foxy's Inside

Let’s get right too it, shall we? Today’s buddy has a wedding dress to fit into, and while she looks beyond fabulous, she didn’t want to let her diet slide before the big day.  The Buddy chose the Power Breakfast Scramble; five egg whites scrambled with tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach (you can choose chicken if you want a protein hit) with black beans, brown rice and toast.

It looked scrumptious and almost made me regret my order… until I saw my much loved chilaquiles, that is. Before I wax poetic about my meal let me say that the Power Breakfast was as tasty as it was colourful.


The menu is one of those massive books that have pictures for everything and I can honestly say, the pictures are great but the real deal was even better. Yes, you eat with your eyes first, but let’s face it, the morning feels like a winner when the flavour matches the visual, and boy did it ever.

When the chilaquiles arrived I had to take a moment to appreciate the work of art in front of me. It was everything I love; eggs scrambled with tortilla chips smothered in red chilaquiles sauce and topped with melted cheese. It was served with Spanish rice, guacamole, salsa, and refried beans. I might need to take a moment of silence in memory of the dish.

It was gooey, crispy in parts and not in others, and went beautifully with the guacamole and salsa I smothered across its glistening surface. The refried beans were perfect, not too creamy, with the occasional full bean to remind me what it was.


I should admit Spanish rice is not a fave of mine and as I was already loading on the carbs I saw no reason to eat the rice. The grains were fluffy, and the flavour decent when I tried it, but there was no point in eating it if I wanted to finish what I came all this way to eat.

The Brunch Buddy and I talked for a couple of hours as we often do when we get together. The staff didn’t rush us, but made sure my coffee cup was filled and our water glasses refreshed. All in all, a successful first chilaquiles hunt and an even more successful visit with a wonderful friend.

Movie Recommendation:  Foxy Brown (1974), of course; a classic 1970’s blaxploitation film starring the magnificent Pam Grier.

Foxy’s Restaurant

206 W Colorado St, Glendale, CA

Open from 6 am every day

Michelle Muldoon is a writer, filmmaker, and avid foodie. You can find her on twitter @chat2michelle and on Instagram @paisleymedia1.



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