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One of the greatest things about having a blog is being able to give some really public kudos to the places I love the most in this city. We are blessed to live in such an amazing foodie town. There are so many great options–I love it. And I love being able to tell people about the places that are really doing it right, and deserve the business.

One restaurant that fits nicely into that category is Edible Canada. Edible Canada opened their doors nearly four years ago smack dab in the middle of Granville Island. Eric Pateman is the Executive Chef, and he is a super star. The name of the game here, is local. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, and they cook very seasonally. So elements of your brunch may change based on what’s available. My benny, for example, came with sautéed chard, but other times of the year, it might be kale or spinach. Menus change on a monthly basis.

Edible also has a tiny retail space in the back, where they sell locally-sourced food products, including my all-time favourite salts, Amola (when you eat at the Edible Canada Bistro, they bring you a dish with 3 different types of the Amola Salt to try on your meal), and lots of other local superstars.

There’s a demonstration kitchen as well. Vij was hosting a dinner party there the last time I stopped by for dinner.

I’ve eaten at Edible Canada at least a half a dozen times, and I have never been disappointed. The food is always stellar–perfectly seasoned, fresh, delicious. Brunch was no exception.

I was there with a crowd to celebrate my friend Jen’s birthday, so we got a nice selection of the menu, although we got there too late for flapjacks–they had sold out.

EC signature breakfast

The EC Signature Breakfast is your simple, standard, bacon-eggs-bread. In this case, though, the eggs are locally-free-range (of a lovely bright yellow colour), and the meat (bacon and sausage) comes from Two Rivers. The bread was a house-made biscuit that was, if you’ll forgive me, epic. Moist, fluffy, warm, savoury, I wanted to slather it with gravy and dive in.

hazlemere hash

The Hazelmere Hash was a savoury concoction of all the things you like, fried up together: roasted root vegetables, crispy potatoes, kale, boar bacon, and topped farm fresh poached eggs. If you’re wondering, boar bacon just tastes like regular bacon. Which means yummy.

There are a couple different types of bennys; a vegetarian version and a smoked salmon. The Wild Mushroom Benny comes atop the aforementioned heavenly biscuit, and includes a sautee of wild mushrooms and spinach (or chard, as the case may be), then topped with perfectly-poached free range eggs, and hollandaise. The side is a light salad of simply dressed mixed greens, which makes it lighter fare than if it came with hashbrowns.

smoked salmon benny

The Smoked Salmon Benny comes atop a crispy grilled slice of foccacia, chunks of house-smoked salmon, sauteed greens, eggs and hollandaise. The smoked salmon was lightly done, but still flavourful.

While I didn’t have it this time, the Duck Confit Poutine does make an appearance on the brunch menu. I’ve had it before, and it is OUTSTANDING. The brunch version comes with two sunny side up eggs on top. The yolk from the eggs adds to the richness of the gravy, cheese curds and crispy/moist duck.

The coffee here is Saltspring, and you can order it by the french-press pot, or they will do espresso bar drinks. Tea comes from one of my all-time faves, Silk Road in Victoria. You can, of course, also order boozy brunch fare; Caesars and Mimosas.

I think the main reason I don’t go there more is because, as a local, I find Granville Island to be a challenge. It’s tough to get parking pretty much any time, but especially on the weekends. While I love GI, I usually only go if I can make it happen via transit (Aquabus) or my bike. Still, Edible Canada is worth making the effort to get to. You’ll find the open space to be warm and communal, and I found the servers to be really well educated. They also have a lower server turnover here, which I’m guessing means it’s a good place to work. Always a good sign.

Edible Canada at the Market

1596 Johnston Street

Open for Brunch 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays

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