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I’ve been a resident of the West End/Coal Harbour now off and on for about 15 years. This last stretch, I’ve been living just off of Georgia St for the last 5 years, with zero plans of ever going anywhere else.

I love my ‘hood. I love how walkable it is. I love the coffeeshops (Greenhorn, I’m looking at you), I love that I know people and can say hi to them when I’m walking my kid to and from school every day. I love that the Seawall is right there. And I love that there are so many restaurants nearby.


Cora is a popular Canadian chain that has, until recently, only been available in the suburbs. I’ve been to Cora before, in Richmond, and one of our reviewers, Sarah, reviewed a Surrey version here previously.

So, when one opened up just a few blocks from me on Robson recently, I had to check it out.

Cora has an extensive menu, and serves only breakfast and lunch. And when I say extensive, I mean extensive. This menu is pages long, and includes everything from omelettes to bennys to waffles and pancakes to crepes. One thing they are known for is their colourful and beautiful fruit art.

My son had a pro-d day from school one Friday a while back, and he had asked me to take him there. When we wandered in just after 9 on a Friday morning, the place was surprisingly packed. There are quite a few hotels in the area, so I imagine some of that traffic was from there, but I was pretty surprised at how busy it was.


Service is pretty efficient, though you won’t always have the same server all the way through the process.

We ordered a smoothie to share, and my son, ever the carnivore, ordered one of Cora’s specialty dishes under the “Rebeliously Good” section of the menu: hot dogs matin. This consisted of a crepe, with a hot dog, a slice of bacon and a slice of cheese rolled inside, and a side of home fries/hash browns. Sounds kinda weird, right? But he really liked it, and his comment on it was “I thought it would be smaller than it was.” Big portions are always a bonus when you have a teenager.

His review: “I loved it. Very kid-friendly, and the smoothie was delicious. I can’t wait to go back again.”


I had the good morning combo: poached eggs, toast and fruit. The fruit portion was bountiful and fresh. I especially enjoyed the sourdough toast, which I think may be house-made.

There were tons of families and kids there, making this a very family-friendly option. If you like IHOP or something of its ilk, you will likely like Cora. It has a greater selection than most breakfast-only joints, allowing you to go back again and again and never get bored, or to just satisfy all the tastes of your party. They also have gluten-sensitive options.

With lots of choice and fresh ingredients, Cora is a great solid choice for a weekday or weekend brunch with fam.

Cora Robson St

1368 Robson

Open for breakfast M-Sat from 6 am, Sundays from 7 am.



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