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During my 3 year stint in Alberta, I recall often seeing commercials for this awe-inspiring breakfast restaurant. A smiling, animated sun logo and catchy jingle taunted me from the screen. At the time, the nearest Cora restaurant was 3 Provinces away and I could hardly justify that commute for breakfast.

After moving back home to BC, I was pleased to learn that not only had a Cora opened up here, but it was in my very own neighbourhood!

Cora Mushroom and Brie Benny

When it comes to breakfast, Cora does not mess around. Their menu is expansive – something for everyone, from a wide variety of eggs benny, to waffles, crêpes, french toast, and more. Their teen menu features fun foods like Oreo Pancakes with actual mini Oreo’s baked right in them, or Morning Hot Dogs – Frankfurters, bacon and melted cheese, rolled in tasty crêpes, served with roasted potatoes. Cora also features a Gluten-Sensitive menu that is unlike any other I’ve seen at a “typical” breakfast restaurant.

The portions are large, yet the prices are not, which makes Cora a sensible place to take the family without breaking the bank.

What sets Cora apart from the rest, is the sheer quality and quantity of food that you get. At least 1/3 of the plates are brimming with fresh, seasonal fruit, professionally cut, and beautifully presented. The portions are large, yet the prices are not, which makes Cora a sensible place to take the family without breaking the bank.

I opted for the Mushroom and Brie Benny, because, well… Mushrooms and Brie Benny!

The meals are completely customizable. You get to choose 1, 2, or 3 eggs with minimal cost difference between the three. Naturally, I opted for a 2-egg benny, knowing that my leftovers would serve as breakfast or lunch the next day.

Fruit at Cora

Cora puts great emphasis on the importance of fruit in a healthy diet. Their table literature speaks to the various health benefits of fruit. So, in the name of health, I added fresh fruit smoothie to my breakfast!

My only compliant about Cora is that apparently everyone shares the same love for breakfast as I do, so there tends to be a bit of a lineup to get it. Totally worth the wait, and the prompt service, once seated, makes up for it.

If you’re looking for chic and trendy breakfast, Cora – located in Coquitlam–is probably not for you, but if you want a quality meal that will leave both your stomach and your pocket book full, Cora wins, hands down!


Richmond, Coquitlam, & the Langley Bypass

Open for breakfast Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m., Sundays from 7 a.m.

Sarah Kertcher is a Coquitlam-based, full-time working mom with two kids. You can read her blog at More Than Your Average Mom, and find her on Twitter at @bentomomma.

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