Celebrunch: Fiona Forbes

Welcome to the first in a series of posts we’re doing called “Celebrunch,” where we take a local celeb to brunch for eggs and conversation. Add a mimosa? You know it’s only going to get better…

First up, Ms. Fiona Forbes.

It’s been a tumultuous few months for the talk-show host. It started when her partner-in-crime, Michael Eckford, departed their talk show, The Rush in early 2013. The duo, who had wonderful chemistry, had been hosting the talk show (in one form or another) for 16 years. Various guest hosts filled in, some with the hopes of becoming a permanent fixture, but
on October 16, 2014 the show ended, Forbes being the primary host for the last couple of years of its run.

Shortly after the show ended it was announced that Fiona was getting her own show. “I was terrified,” she admitted to me on a beautiful, sunny spring morning over brunch at Mamie Taylor’s (review to come) in Chinatown. “I had this idea for a show, and pitched it, and my producer, Reshaad, and I, fleshed out the concept from beginning to end. Right down to choosing the logo and designing the set. I’ve never done this before. While I’ve always been involved with the shows I’ve been on as a producer and host, this time, my name was on it.”

Unlike The Rush, The Fiona Forbes Show is a half-hour format, with three segments: an interview, a panel discussion on hot topics, and “7 Questions,” where Forbes goes out into the field and interviews interesting Vancouverites. The show tapes on Thursdays, and runs throughout the week on Shaw TV. It first went to air January 16, but she’s happy with the results so far.

So, we decided to turn the tables on the gal with the mic, and ask her 7 questions.

Brunchcouver: What’s your average brunch/breakfast?

FF: A Vega smoothie. I’m one of those people that’s not great at eating breakfast.


Brunchcouver: When you’re at home on the weekend with Chewy (her dog),  what’s your favourite thing to cook?

FF: Given my Irish heritage, it would have to be a big mess of pea meal bacon, english muffins, and sliced tomatoes.

Brunchcouver: What’s your favourite brunch dish that you go out for on the weekends?

FF: The Chicken and Waffles at Chewie’s.


Brunchcouver: What’s your favourite brunch joint in the city?

FF: Provence in Yaletown. Great food, great location, dog-friendly patio.

Brunchcouver: What are your favourite brunch memories?

FF: My aunt married an Italian man, and we’d to go Italy in the summer to visit them. I remember so clearly him teaching me how to make espresso in one of those stovetop espresso makers.

Brunchcouver: When you go out for brunch with your girlfriends, where do you like to go?

FF: Somewhere new. I’m pretty experimental.

Brunchcouver: Non-brunch related question: who was your favourite interview, and who have you not yet interviewed that you would like to?

FF: Regis Philbin was my favourite person I ever interviewed. I recently got to interview Cameron Matheson, and he was pretty dreamy. I would love to interview Kelly Ripa.

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