Mother’s Day Brunch

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and you’ll want to show your mom how much you appreciate her by doing something nice for her. Whether it’s taking her out for a traditional Mother’s Day brunch (get your reservations now!) or cooking one for her, we’ve got you covered. Going out Mother’s Day Brunches and Buffets (via […]

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Pumpkin Pancakes

Hallowe’en is almost here, and this year, it falls on a Saturday. That means everyone can sleep off their candy hangovers (moms and dads, I’m looking at you!), and then will likely be looking for a yummy, filling brunch. You could make these pancakes for breakfast on Hallowe’en, or even the day after. You can […]

Scrambled Egg Tortilla

Here’s the last in our series of posts from recent culinary school graduate, Emily Caulfield. Hopefully we can twist her arm and get her to do more recipes for us in the future! We’re really lucky to have a chef on our Brunchcouver team. Today’s recipe goes south of the border…. ever made your own […]


One of the wonderful things about brunch is how you can explore different cultures based on their recipes. Every country and often even regions inside countries have their favourite breakfast offerings, based on their history, culture, and what ingredients they have readily available. Here in North America, we don’t generally do a ton of spice with […]

Happy Canada Day Cocktail (from Earl’s)

Happy Canada Day!  We can’t think of many things more Canadian to do than eat brunch. After all, maple syrup and bacon often play a pivotal role in our favourite meal of the week. And, of course, we love nothing better than a boozy brunch. You may elect for the Canadian-born Caesar. But before you […]

Morning Oatmeal #vegan

Today, we feature another recipe from our recent culinary school graduate, Emily. This recipe for morning oatmeal is incredibly healthy, and will fill you up before a big day at work, or if you have an exam or presentation to give and have to be on your game. This, my friends, is some winning oatmeal. […]

Gratinee of Artichoke (Benny)

A brunch outing might quite possibly be my favourite kind of outing. I can spend days, even weeks, looking forward to my next one. Wouldn’t you agree that there is something so magical about waking up, realizing it is not a work day, and that all you have to do is gear up for a get-together that […]

Mother’s Day Brunch: Glazed Pork Belly Pancakes with Maple-Whiskey Sauce

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and no one really wants to wait in endless long lineups just to treat their mom to brunch. Instead, make her this restaurant-worth brunch at home brought to you by our bruncher (and recent culinary school graduate), Emily Caulfield: Glazed Pork Belly Pancakes with Maple-Whiskey Sauce Braised Belly Lean Pork […]

Waffle Recipe from The World’s Best Brunches

I love waffles. Waffles have it all going on. They are crispy and soft, they are a little sweet, and little savoury. You can top them with any combination–sweet or savoury, and those little divots will hold on to your toppings and make sure they are distributed through every bite. At my house, we are […]

Sweetheart Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, possums, and if you want to really impress that special someone in your life, might we suggest cooking them a romantic brunch? That’s right, brunch. Brunch is incredibly romantic. Oh, sure, it’s light out, so you can’t really light candles. But you can drink champagne (with OJ), and there’s the […]