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There’s a new brunch in town, kids!

Of course, there’s always new brunch spots opening up in the city and beyond, but it’s not too often that we get in to check a place out even before they’ve had their grand opening.

C-Prime is the newly re-branded restaurant in the Century Plaza Hotel (the one that also houses Vancouver’s best spa–how convenient!). I got to attend their grand opening on Thursday night, but even before that, last week, I had the opportunity to check out their brunch.

The concept is old-school, NYC steakhouse, and the space is beautiful. There’s tons of dark wood, moroccan tiles, and mirrors. It’s huge space, but it’s broken up into sections, so it feels like 3 or 4 different spaces that all flow into each other. There are cozy booths and a gorgeous, marble-topped chef’s table, which faces the pasta-making station (I want both for my dream home).

chefs table c prime

Chef’s table

The Executive Chef here is Elliott Hashimoto, but they also have a young sous, Kevin Walker. His passion for food and for local suppliers is evident in all his dishes.

But we’re not here to talk about the opening and what we ate there. We are here to talk about brunch.

Given that the restaurant is in a hotel, the menu plays it pretty safe. This would be, in fact, an ideal spot to take your dad for upcoming Father’s Day brunch. One of the menu options (which I did not order) is Steak and Eggs. Whose dad doesn’t like that??

c prime brunch

A selection of brunch dishes from C-Prime.

The menu doesn’t feature anything unrecognizable: The Century Breakfast is their eggs/toast/bacon/potatoes, but they also offer a variation on the theme with The Tuscan Breakfast: a kind of cassoulet with italian sausages and white beans, tomato, poached egg, and house-made focaccia.

For those of you with a sweeter brunch tooth, there’s blueberry pancakes, Belgian Waffles, or a brioche french toast.

There are also eggs in many forms: omelettes, bennys, and poached on top of an old-school corned beef hash. When was the last time you had corned beef hash??

european breakfast c prime

C-Prime’s culinary viewpoint is primarily Italian, but the hotel gets many international guests, including those from other places in Europe, so there are few menu items that are very French in focus. The first is a savoury crepe, with ham and swiss cheese folded inside. The second is a European Breakfast. It reminded me very much of the breakfasts I had every day while staying in Greece: a hard-boiled egg, some cold cuts (in this case, ham and the most amazing prosciutto de parma–sourced from Cioffi’s¬†in Burnaby), cheese, and some kind of bread. The accompanying bread with this breakfast is a house-made croissant, which is one of the best I’ve had outside of Europe. I hope they sell them in the coffee shop, because I’d go back in a heartbeat to sit and drink a coffee and have one of these flaky, crispy, soft, layer-y croissants, and pretend Burrard St is a street in Paris. To me, this is the perfect breakfast: not too heavy, lots of protein to set you up for the day, and a little decadent.

I’d recommend C-Prime as a great brunch spot to take your parents to, or as a great place for a business meeting. I’d start making my Father’s Day Brunch reservations¬†for this place, like yesterday.


Century Plaza Hotel
1015 Burrard St

Open daily for brunch



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