Easter Brunch

If there was ever a time of the year to celebrate brunch, Easter is it! It’s a time when family gets together and there are new dresses, shiny shoes, and easter egg hunts for the kidlets. So fun! Here are some recipes: Simple brunch bake: assemble this the night before, then bake it in the […]

Glowbal: Telus Garden

It’s just so pretty. For many of us, brunch is often a casual affair. We roll in, maybe a little late after being out too late the night before, still sweating out the beer. We maybe don’t feel or look our best. But brunch is also about indulgence–it’s about eating bacon, drinking mimosas, things we […]


I recently met up with a girlfriend for brunch at Havana, and before I went, I had to go back through the Brunchcouver archives. I just assumed that this staple of the Brunchcouver community had already been covered here. Turns out, no. I was pretty surprised, and was excited have the opportunity to right the […]

Heirloom Vegetarian

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: it’s a great time to be vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Yes, there was a time when, if you walked into a restaurant and asked what was vegan on the menu, they’d look at you askance and then bring you a bowl of dry lettuce. Not any […]

Yew Seafood + Bar at the Four Seasons

Here in Vancity, we are incredibly lucky to have a wealth of really passionate chefs. Chefs who go above and beyond for what they believe in, and aren’t just about the business of running a restaurant. One such Chef is the Executive Chef at Yew, Ned Bell. Now, Ned is passionate about sustainable seafood, as […]

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Tuc Craft Kitchen is one of those places that has been on our list for months. We’ve heard a ton of buzz about it… but it was only recently that we had the opportunity to check it out for ourselves. Normally, we here at Brunchcouver like to travel in packs–the more people you take with […]

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Pumpkin Pancakes

Hallowe’en is almost here, and this year, it falls on a Saturday. That means everyone can sleep off their candy hangovers (moms and dads, I’m looking at you!), and then will likely be looking for a yummy, filling brunch. You could make these pancakes for breakfast on Hallowe’en, or even the day after. You can […]

Belgard Kitchen

Two years ago, I walked into the space at 55 Dunlevy for the first time. My reaction was strong, and immediate. It was love at first sight. I was there doing a piece for Vancity Buzz on Vancouver Urban Winery, which is housed in this historical building. The first of its kind, it’s a fully-functioning […]

Big Feast

I think many people consider brunch to be a “big city” kind of activity. The idea is, you’ve been out clubbing late the night before, and you wake up middday on the weekend, needing a big, lazy breakfast full of carbs, fat, and booze. It’s a trifecta of awesomeness. But brunch is a great family […]

Gone to Brunch…

Greetings, brunchers! August is a busy month for us here at Brunchcouver, and we’ve been working really hard, so we’re going to take the month off. We won’t have any posts for you in August, but we will be brunching our hearts out, and taking lots of notes. Expect to see us back with lots of […]