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Pie for breakfast at Aphrodites

Mmm… pie. Is pie the most perfect food ever? Ask my friend Sean. He regularly requests it every year in the place of cake for his birthday.

Yup, pie is pretty damn fine (see what I did there?).

aphrodites pies

One of the absolute top purveyors of that flaky, delicious treat is Aphrodites in Kits. I fact, the pie there is so good, and so in demand, that they recently outgrew their original location, and have opened up a second location, just kitty-corner across the street. The original location remains a coffee/pie shop with other baked goodies, and the larger space across the street has become a full-fledged cafe.

I recently brunched there, and boy, is it impressive. The brunch lives up to the pie. Or you could just skip the brunch and go straight to the pie?

Our server was an adorable gal, who shyly confessed that it was her first real server shift, and we should be gentle to her. She was a pro, though. I imagine the long-time servers at Aphrodites get giant muscles from hauling around huge plates of food, and those giant pies, though.

Aphrodites is all about scratch-made, organic, comfort food. It’s very allergen-friendly and vegans love it, too. There are actually three brunch menus: the regular menu, the fresh sheet, which changes often, and a is extensive, and a full smoothie menu. There are tons of choices, so it’s a safe bet to go to with a big group of friends, as they have the room, and they can cater to any dietary need.

aphrodites brunch

My brunch companion, who had just come from the gym, so he ordered a big breakfast: 3 free range eggs, scrambled, meat, potatoes, toast and salad. It was a huge plate of food. A couple of things I love about Aphrodites: first off, they make their own bread. Which is pretty awesome. And secondly, all the meats they do serve here are locally-sourced. Sausages, ham and bacon come from Oyama or Two Rivers, so you know it’s good, and you know you’re supporting local businesses.

aphrodites stuffed french toast

It was exactly for the homemade bread that I elected to try the stuffed french toast. Two thick slices of Aphrodite’s homemade bread stuffed with seasonal fruit quark (a kind of cheese), served with fresh fruit, raspberry coulis and chantilly cream. It was delicious, but I took half of it home.

Because I needed room for pie.

aphrodites pie

There are a lot of pie options, here. Over a dozen, in fact. Fruit pies, double-crust pies, single-crust pies, cream pies. There are also vegan and gluten-free options, as well.

chocolate banana cream pie aphrodites

We went for the chocolate banana cream pie, a slice of which, was about a foot high. There was a layer of sweet bananas, a layer of chocolate, and then a thick layer of chocolate mousse, an then whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It’s over the top–but in the best kind of way.

Overall, they serve up a really delicious brunch at Aphrodities. The service is as warm and friendly as the food, which tastes like it was authentically made with love.

The prices here are not cheap. Sourcing locally and organically will make the menu a little more expensive than most. Most entrees were in the $15-20 range. However, having said that, the portion sizes are pretty huge. You could probably split most entrees to save a little. And you do want to save room for pie–even if you are there for breakfast. It’s entirely worth it.

Aphrodites Organic Cafe and Pie Shop

3605 West 4th Avenue

Open for brunch: until 3 pm, daily




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