9th Avenue Grill

It’s small. It’s tucked away. Yet it’s been there for ages.

Just off of Burrard, on Granville, in the middle of what is currently quite the traffic schmozzle (as Burrard has been shut down from Broadway to 16th for months) is the 9th Avenue Grill.

It’s tiny; just a dozen tables are tucked into the space, but it’s cozy, welcoming and bright.

It’s not super busy on a Sunday morning when I meet my friend Jen there for coffee and girl talk. The menu is clearly divided into categories: eggs, sweeter fare, bennys and omelettes. There’s not much here that’s “ethnic,” it’s a pretty standard brunch menu pancakes, hash, lots of eggs.

Still, no judgement. There are times when what you’re craving is some good diner food, and the food here is lovingly prepared.


My brunch buddy, Jen, was in the mood for a benny. She ordered the house signature benny, called, not surprisingly, the 9th Avenue. It comes slathered in tomato, avocado, mushrooms, all on a bed of cream cheese. There’s sausage on the side, if you like, and breakfast potatoes. The spuds were good, nicely spiced, the hollandaise mild, and the eggs runny. Check, check, check and check.

I was in the mood for pancakes! There were a bunch of different options, including a seasonal carrot cake pancake that looked amazing. But I opted for the Banana Coconut Pancakes. Three fluffy pancakes stacked up with a pile of toasted coconut on top, and sliced bananas, then dusted with a snow of powdered sugar. They were great, but I couldn’t finish them to save my life.

9th avenue grill banana coconut pancakes

Overall, the food was pretty great. Colourful, fresh, and loads of options. I think if I lived in the neighbourhood, it would probably become my go-to place for breakfast, as it’s open every day, not just on weekends for brunch. I’m unsure that it’s great enough to become a destination, though.

The service was good, though they suffer from a common problem in a small restaurant: they just had one server on. She was friendly and efficient, but we had to flag her down once to get our coffee refilled. It’s maybe less of a big deal in such a small space, because flagging down your server is not hard to do.

If you like basic diner food that’s hot and fresh, 9th Avenue Grill is a great place to come.

9th Avenue Grill

1822 W Broadway

Open for brunch/breakfast from 6:30 am every day

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